Moving the Materials to Madison

09 Sep

Last night, Wayne and his crew brought the materials down from Lac du Flambeau to Madison. Arriving late in the evening on a Sunday night, the materials were unloaded and carefully packed onto the freight elevator of the Mosse Humanities Building. Navigating through the basement of Humanities with 14-foot gunwales wasn’t the easiest, but the crew managed to get everything safely inside.

Then it was up to the seventh floor of Humanities to get Wayne situated in his work space. The wood working studio has 5000 square feet of floor space and will be the primary workspace for Wayne and his crew as the canoe is built.

The drive from Lac du Flambeau is just over 200 miles. In that time, the birchbark began to dry out and curl. Once in the woodshop, Wayne and his crew went to work flattening the birchbark. Wayne began by rehydrating both sides of the bark, then the crew placed the bark on a table, placed scrap wood across the bark, and screwed the scrap wood in place to ensure that the bark would flatten over night.

Click on the pictures for more details!

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