Wednesday Sept 25 progress

25 Sep

canoe in the morning

canoe end cut

After a big day like yesterday, today’s quieter work was a welcome change of pace.  Wayne cut away excess bark at the prow and stern of the canoe, and worked on designing the permanent thwarts that will eventually replace the current temporary thwarts. We also packed up the long red cedar pieces that will become the various parts of the canoe’s finished gunwales so that they could be taken back to the lake in MacFarland and soaked for some days. You can see a video synopsis of the day here:

Wayne and students

One of the most agreeable aspects of the day was the growing number of people who are coming to look at the canoe, meet Wayne, and talk with him about his art and culture. Especially welcome were students from the Goodman Community Center who visited with Wayne in the morning.  They got to hear about the canoe, how it is built, and its meaning in past and present Anishinaabe culture. We hope they’ll stop by frequently to see how the canoe takes shape or even to lend a helping hand!

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