Making the permanent thwarts

26 Sep

Thursday September 26 was a day for making the permanent thwarts for the canoe. Wayne wanted to make each thwart, or pair of thwarts, distinctive.  The bow and stern thwarts are curved.  The middle thwart is shaped so as to represent the four directions.  Wayne planned to harvest some birch on Friday to make the last pair of thwarts next week.

fine cuts

After carefully planning and drawing out the shape of the planned thwarts on the wood, Wayne used the various power tools of the shop to turn out the pieces, which were then finished and sanded by hand.

bow thwart

The design of the prow and stern thwarts is rounded on the side facing canoe passengers. Small tenon pieces will fit into slots in the gunwales. A gap must also be left so that there will be room for the lashings to fit snugly against the thwart.

thwart sanding

After cutting out the basic shape of the center thwart, Wayne used a sander to smooth it off and prepare it for finer sanding by hand.

Wayne and finished center thwart

center thwart chisellingthwart in place

Using a chisel, Wayne continued the end design across the top of the thwarts.

Here is a video summary of the work!

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