Stitching. Again.

31 Oct

There’s been a lot of stitching and root work happening in the woodshop. One of the challenges of working in the woodshop has been the dry conditions. As Wayne has said again and again, a canoe like this is all about the water. The different materials are at their best when they retain their moisture. You’ll notice in plenty of the pictures the different ways we’ve been keeping the materials wet, from spray bottles to tea kettles to coffee pots.

With that in mind, yesterday was a day focused on heading off any potential issues due to the dry conditions by ensuring and retaining the integrity of the materials. A second, reinforcement stitch was made along the sides of the canoe today to strengthen the bark. We used an orange synthetic flat-braid. It allows us to create a very tight seam and is less likely to require repairs. This will be covered in pitch later in the process. Many builders still use spruce roots for this portion of the building process, but Wayne has chosen here to use the spruce root for the other stitch-work and lashings and stick with the flat-braid for the side of the canoe.

Wayne is heading back to Lac du Flambeau tomorrow and will be out collecting more spruce roots to ensure that only high quality spruce roots are used finish up the canoe. Stop by next week and check out the progress.

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Posted by on October 31, 2013 in Building the Canoe


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