ENVISION students in Madison

16 Nov

It was a busy week for girls from the ENVISION program, who came to Madison with their teachers to help out on the canoe, make a radio program, plan a feast, and become acquainted with the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

The girls found the Lac du Flambeau emblem at the fire ring outside of Dejope Hall.

The girls helped in various tasks related to the canoe and the preparation of equipment for the coming Ojibwe Winter Games.

Tom Loeser, chair of the Art Department, took the girls and their teachers on a tour of the Art Lofts facility, where most of the graduate students and many of the faculty in the department have their studios.

Meanwhile, Wayne was busy carving the canoe paddles out of white cedar and setting the ribs.

After the ribs were bent and had dried, they were removed, carefully numbered, and trimmed to fit in the finished canoe.  Wayne and Tim used the thinly planed white cedar slats to create a lining in the bottom and sides of the canoe. This sheathing protects the bark surface and also distributes the pressure from the ribs so that the bark will not tear.  Rib ends were honed down so that they could fit into the groove beneath the gunwales. In the initial formation of the ribs, Wayne worked from the widest ribs at the center of the canoe toward the smaller, more dramatically bent ribs at the prow and stern. Now, in setting the ribs in permanently on top of the sheathing, he worked from the prow to the center and then repeated the process from the stern to the center.

Goodman Center students came to help sand Ojibwe Winter Games equipment, see the canoe nearing completion, and plan the coming feast.

All in all it was a busy week!

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